Friday, 15 November 2013

Dr Jennifer Martinick – A Review About Her - 1

Determination to out-perform oneself is the key to success.
A classic example of this is Dr Jennifer Martinick. For those of you who don't know who she is, here is a brief about her and her journey so far as a medical professional.

Dr Jennifer Martinick is a prominent hair transplant surgeon, who has contributed over three decades of her life towards the development and advancement of hair transplantation techniques. Currently, she runs the well established Martinick Hair Restoration clinic at four leading cities of Australia – Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

After completing Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Dr Jennifer started her career as a country doctor and looked after the medical needs of the mining colonies in the northern areas of WA. The experiences she gained there made her more compassionate towards the patients.

In the early years of 1980, Dr Jennifer developed an interest in hair transplantation. To follow her interest, she assisted many renowned surgeons and physicians of US. During her assistance, she got an opportunity to gain valuable insights of a hair transplant surgery.
In 1990s, she worked on the development of hair transplant techniques. Her aim was to develop a technique that delivers natural looking hair transplant results. Her constant improvement of the existing hair transplantation techniques eventually led to success in the form of Martinick TechniqueTM.